too square to be an artist, but too weirdo to be a business guy

I’ve always been a been a writer and an opportunist. At 10 I started my own local newspaper and charged neighbors literally a nickel for my thoughts—five times the going rate. Two years later, I had my first letter-to-the-editor published in TIME magazine. In high school, I co-founded and monetized a movie review blog and co-produced a series of short movies I hope you never find. By now you are probably thinking I’m a nerd, but you’re wrong—this all just happened before I discovered craft coffee and corporate America, which would later occupy a majority of my time. These days, I have ideas and get to build them. If it sounds like the dream job, that’s because it is.

I didn't say it, they did...
Soundbites from anonymous feedback I've been given:

"Lukas is enthusiastic about all things and whip ass smart. He is a fantastic partner, and really knows how to make and share good work."

"Super-smart and committed to doing work that’s even smarter. As likely to talk for hours about big-picture ideas as post copy. Also great for restaurant recommendations."

"Great listener. Incredible strategist. Student of the world. Awesome human."

"I think of how welcoming his energy is, and the pride he takes in the outcome of his work."

"A really good idea person and really talented writer. Doesn’t get pessimistic about pushing through. He’s here to win with great creative."