can you help me caption this?

Post captions are the tip of the iceberg for me. I’m creative thinker and storyteller with five years of brand and agency experience solving creative challenges and building businesses across all media types, with a big place in my heart for social. I get the same satisfaction from translating data points into human insights as I do from crafting an idea into words and art. In a season of Survivor Business Guys vs. Creative Cats, I’d totally be in the middle and voted off before the merge.

I didn't say it, they did...

"Lukas is enthusiastic about all things and whip ass smart. He is a fantastic partner, and really knows how to make and share good work." - anonymous feedback

"Super-smart and committed to doing work that’s even smarter. As likely to talk for hours about big-picture ideas as post copy. Also great for restaurant recommendations." - anonymous feedback

"Great listener. Incredible strategist. Student of the world. Awesome human." - anonymous feedback

"A really good idea person and really talented writer. Doesn’t get pessimistic about pushing through. He’s here to win with great creative." - anonymous feedback

"I think of how welcoming his energy is, and the pride he takes in the outcome of his work." - anonymous feedback... Mom?